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Summer is a great time to add a puppy , However we do realize people have Vacations so if you see something you like and would like to hold a puppy we can make arrangements that work around your Vacation! 

Instagram page is Englishmanorlabradoodles 

Updated 7/9/2024

Current Available Puppies !


Chalk Female Pink Ribbon

Wavy fleece from the Loretta Poppy litter 

Cream Male (Yellow Ribbon)

Wavy fleece from the Loretta Poppy litter

Chalk Male (Light Blue Ribbon)

Wavy Fleece From the Loretta / Poppy litter

Cream Male ( Dark Blue Ribbon)

Wavy Fleece from the Loretta / Poppy litter  ( Pending)

Above puppies are ready for Meet and Greets and pick ups , please call 973-229-1848 to schedule an appointment and more info ! 

Genie Had a Beautiful litter with our Danny K ( sorry my females are already spoken for) these Little boys are soo precious!! I have three Chocolates and one black male available for reservation 25lb-30 lb range 

They are Wavy fleece with a Silk factor to their coats 

Pick up dates will be later July / August 


Angies Litter of Reds will be standards or Mediums


Welcome to English Manor Labradoodles

Breeding Authentic Australians for 18 years our bloodline of labradoodles have been submitted to the MBDA and were recognized as a Purebred dog in 2012, due to the confusion about Labradoodles the MBDA requested a change in name and the founder renamed Australian labradoodles to COBBER DOGS. Please visit my WHY AUSTRALIAN page to learn more. English Manor is dedicated to the preservation of the purity of these lines and we DO NOT infuse any American Bred labradoodles into our dogs to maintain the outstanding personality traits that make an Australian Labradoodle ( AKA COBBER DOG) what it is today, The first Breed every in history strictly Bred for Therapy work. Please See why Australian for an in-depth understanding about this breed.

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