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Jackie is a smaller labradoodle female with her estimated adult weight being 30lb's. She is almost done with her Crate training! Jackie would make a great companion dog and loves being and playing with other dogs, if your interested in bringing another dogs into the home for companionship for your dog but don't want to do the PUPPY stage Jackie is your girl!! Dark Chocolate very low maintenance SILK fleece.  Jackie is a spunky happy girl and so would do well in an active fun family she like to play, and then come in a chill with you in the house. She has been introduced to running in the home and so far no problems but at night she is crated. If we step out for the day we  we will confine her to a smaller room with a friend or crate her if we are away for longer periods. You can say Jackie is on the cusps of settling into house training but we are not selling her as house trained.

Trained Puppies

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