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Winter 2023



Please see BELOW and visit our Available puppies Page 

Updated 2/19/2024

Please call for availability not all are listed 


Red Male from Ollie/Mickey litter Smaller Medium male should mature around 30lbs , Sweet happy guy that craves attention Is the Clown in the bunch likes to entertain a total ham. Will be Wavy/ Straight Fleece. $3300

Ready to go home call 973-697-8896 to reserve

ASPEN ( Homed )

Aspen found his forever home! Red Male from Ollie/Mickey litter Medium will be around 35 lbs , Super sweet boy will cuddle up with you and just relax, Very laid back and confident quiet boy. Will make a sweet companion family dog. Will Be  straight/wavy Fleece

For instant info about me try the Chat Box !

Ready to home call 973-697-8896 to reserve 


Donna's Black Male Puppy

Donna's second male puppy beautiful wavy fleece coat silk factor sweet as pie and will make a wonderful companion, All of Donna's puppies seem to have the same laid back disposition as Donna's very easy to Potty train and they go right along with whatever the family is doing, once they are old enough they love meeting and greeting new people ( it's what they were BORN To DO!) and love attending school events when allowed and can't wait for the kids to get home !!! They make great blankets to keep you warm in the Winter as well $3000 (for a limited time we are offering our blacks at a Reduced Price)

BACH (Reserved)

Sorry Bach has been reserved

Taupe Male from Ollie/ Mickey Litter 

Another snuggle bug laid back easy going sweet heart  The Ollie/ Mickey cross never ceases to give us Stunning puppies blocky heads with real small ears giving them that beautiful Teddy Bear head we have come to adore! 

Wavy Fleece $3300

Ready to home call 973-697-8896 to reserve 

Meet JENNA she is a Mini/Small medium with a super light airy Wavy fleece coat with the silk factor ,  She is Crate trained and started House Training. She is very delicate and light on her feet and does not pull or push when being walked . She has been introduced to the leash and picked it up in a day, She is very very mannerly and poised . Would be lovely for any older couples concerned about getting a dog that might make them stumble or concerned about lifting a dog into the car. She could make for a nice first time dog or companion dog. She is very affectionate and likes to walk right behind your heel and will occasionally tap your back leg for affection. She is Also a quiet dog and tends to Only bark if she really needs to go out to Potty or wants food. $4500

She is done with her Full set shots 

and will be Microchipped. 

labradoodle for sale

Welcome to English Manor Labradoodles

Breeding Authentic Australians for 18 years our bloodline of labradoodles have been submitted to the MBDA and were recognized as a Purebred dog in 2012, due to the confusion about Labradoodles the MBDA requested a change in name and the founder renamed Australian labradoodles to COBBER DOGS. Please visit my WHY AUSTRALIAN page to learn more. English Manor is dedicated to the preservation of the purity of these lines and we DO NOT infuse any American Bred labradoodles into our dogs to maintain the outstanding personality traits that make an Australian Labradoodle ( AKA COBBER DOG) what it is today, The first Breed every in history strictly Bred for Therapy work. Please See why Australian for an in-depth understanding about this breed.

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About Us

At English Manor Labradoodles, we have been building our reputation as a trusted Dog Breeder in the NY, NJ TRISTATE since we bred our first litter 18 years ago! We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family.

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