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Meet our Gents And Gals 

Meet our Gents and Gals Current and retired of English Manor, 4 Generations of our Breeding program started in 2002 dedicated to the preservation of this Phenomenal line of Labradoodles the Original Authentic Australian Labradoodles now known today As Cobber Dogs 

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Why Australian ?

No two Labradoodles are the same! There is much confusion about the breed some claiming they are Mutts! and will never be a Purebred or that the breed can't be trusted " I got one and it sheds!" the list goes on and on.... Being professional breeders of Arabian Horses as well as Dogs now for over the course of 30 years Me ( Corinne ) and my Mother (Joann) owners here at English Manor would like to Shed some Light ( not hair ) on the Current situation embracing the Labradoodle and all the confusion surrounding it.

Some of the questions I get asked on a regular basis STILL and it pains me to say so is

"Do your Dogs shed? "  " Are your dogs good with children? "  "Are your Dogs F1 or F1B ?"

"Are your dogs good with other animals ?"  "Are your Dogs Hypo allergenic?" 

I would of Loved to believe that KNOWLEDGE about the Australian Labradoodle would of continued to spread through out America  as it had been spreading back 20 years ago when US breeders starting importing this line from Australia into America ( Importing dogs from Australia is No Little deal folks it's a small fortune and its a very long drawn out process with TONS of paperwork and red tape ) So then why would breeders from America that could create our own Labradoodle do this ??... Well as the old adage says "Proof is in the Pudding"  


Beverely Manner of Rutland Manor Labradoodles and her daughter Melonie Woolie of Tegan Park Labradoodles vision was to create and develop a Purebred Breed of Labradoodle dog Fully NON SHEDDING , Fully Hypo Allergenic with suitable temperaments  to be used as Therapy dogs.  This encompassed Companion Dogs or Emotional Support dogs and Service Dogs.

Service Dogs are used more for work such as and not limited to things like See and EYE, Seizure Detection dogs, Physically assisting the disabled. Emotional Support dogs are often used to calm Children with Autism in moment of emotional outburst, to be companions to people with conditions like Asperger's syndrome, Suicide prevention. They help people with Depression and severe anxiety to help lift their spirits. 

It was understood by both Beverely and Melonie that it would take MANY generations of breeding SELECTIVELY! and culling out all dogs that would not have the appropriate Temperaments for this work. 

It was understood that the crossing between a Purebred Labrador ( hunting breed ) with the Poodle ( Water Hunting breed) would not "out the gate" create what they were trying to achieve. They carefully selected Labrador Linage that was already being bred with a focus in Therapy they steered clear of Labradors being bred by Hunters or the Hunting lines as we call them, they did the same when selecting the Poodles they would use as foundation stock knowing that Poodles tend to be Aloof and often being a "one person" dog, weary of Strangers and are actually Great Guard Dogs. What many people do not know about Poodles is that during World Wars they were used as Guard dogs. Again the Poodles Selected to be the Foundation of the Australian Labradoodles were Temperament tested and out of lines that were known to be happier friendly lines. 

The breeding of the two purebreds is what's referred to as the F1  Labradoodle this is the VERY VERY first step into Line development Most of the F1's are culled and are NOT used as breeding dogs to produce the NEXT generation because they did not have the correct Temperaments. Matter of FACT some ENTIRE litters of these F1's did not produce even One puppy that Beverley or her Daughter thought suitable to use as the next step. Its always been accepted that F1's SHED!  In fact almost ALL F1's shed. It would take building upon these F1's into further generations before a line becomes NON shedding with the COMPLETELY non shedding versions of Labradoodles not showing up until the Fourth Generations F4's'

IN order to make the Non shedding genetic STRONGER you create the F1B . AGAIN THIS IS A VERY VERY First Generational step to a very long process of producing a PUREBRED

What is  the F1B its an F1 bred back to the Poodle, (B stands for BACK ) to make the NON shedding gene Stronger. 

F1 bred to F1 = F2 

F2 bred to F2=F3 

F1 bred back to Poodle= F1B 

F3 bred to F1 B = F2B 

This continues UP to the F6 and that is when things get Really exciting !! there is NO F7 It becomes an  A, Your line is now a PUREBRED. 

THIS is an extremely slow process to get to the "A" generation easily taking up to 50 years for a dog breeder to do, it's a lifetime of work and an incredible amount of dogs too.  Beverley and her daughter Melonie accomplished that 

  The Characteristics and traits she stamped into the BREED is Completely NON shedding, Hypo Allergenic  With amazing therapy dog temperaments   YOU CAN NOT CREATE A BREED WITH OUT KNOWING WHERE YOUR GOING  Beverley and Melonie KNEW THIS and that is why they got to there Destination the Founders of the AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE.   



You can not COMPARE  Australian Labradoodles to American bred Labradoodles 


Firstly Most American Labradoodles breeders are still only breeding Labs to Poodles F1'S 

Some American Labradoodle breeders are breeding some F1B's or even F1B's to F1B's and they are called Multi Generational  But that's about as far as it's gotten here in America.

Then there is also the question of why the breeder decided to start breeding ?

Hate to say it but more often than not it's just to make the all mighty Dollar, unfortunately LABRADOODLES EXPLODED HERE and gained Huge Popularity and So everyone started getting in on it BUT there is NO destination so they continue to bred Labradors to Poodles and sell them as NON shedding? or do a litter of F1b's and sell them as Hypo Allergenic... Which Simply is just Not the Case. It takes generations to achieve these things in the lines. As we explained above 

Then Temperaments come into question??? Beverley and Melonie, like Me and my Mom are Professional breeders understanding the importance of Linage within the breeds themselves. 

For example within the Poodle line Some lines were bred specifically for Water Fowl Retrieval while another bloodline was bred for Guarding this contributes heavily on the temperaments within the Poodle bloodline. AS we say in the Australian Labradoodle world it's in the BLOOD!

Not saying we don't have some wonderful Labradoodle breeders in America likely striving for great things out of there lines but I find it few and far between when I do searches, 

This is where price comes into play 



Some browse my Site and are appalled by our pricing but when we imported these lines from Australia into America BEVERELY and her daughter were not going to just sell us there labor of love for mere PUPPY MILL price of the States !! And they were also concerned for there reputation of the LINE they produced. Professional breeders in America of Purebred dogs with Top breeding stock Winners at West Minster Dog Shows (best of breed) are accustomed to paying upwards of $10,000 of  for Breeding Stock. Your not Buying BEST in show for $3500 it is very accepted within the Professional dog breeding world to pay $50,000 even to $100,000 for a top Bitch Or Stud especially if it's Titled and Earned wins. Beverely with having the BEST of Intentions for her lines and Not wanting her dogs to fall in the hands of unethical uneducated breeders which could hurt the reputation of her line asked a very High price for her dogs she asked well into the $10,000"s for her line Plus shipping and quarantine, So only the super serious Scrupulous breeders here in the states ended up with her DOGS ( TRUST ME WE WERE ALL INTERVEIWED UPSIDE AND DOWN) .. With some of us pulling out second mortgages to do this. 


Current American Labradoodles pricing Ranges from 

$1500-$2500 for F1''s and F1B's 

with Mulitgen American Labradoodle Around $3000-$3500

So in reality we are not much more .



Yes you heard Right !  Beverley Submitted her line of Australian Labradoodles for purebred recognition in 2012 .In order for the Australian Labradoodle to be differentiated from other  Labradoodles it was request by MDBA of Australia ( The AKC of Australia)  to coin a new name for her line. She coined it Australian Cobber DOGS and they were recognized and established as a  purebred breed in 2012. It's new so will take sometime for people to catch on to the phrase but it's certainly helping people realize the Difference



ARE My Australian Labradoodles NON SHEDDING? 

YES Completely  Non-shedding

ARE My Australian Labradoodles HYPO Allergenic?

YES They are Hypo Allergenic 

ARE my Australian Labradoodles Good with Children?

YES this is the first breed ever in HISTORY to be specifically bred to be docile and gentle around children and children with Autism even exhibiting emotional outburst! This was why temperament testing was done on developmental generations. This was what they were bred for.

ARE your dogs good with other pets ?

YES they were bred to have a very Docile gentle nature towards other creatures furry or not with low to Zero prey drives so they will often NOT chase smaller game. NO Hunting instincts, it was bred out of the breed. 

ARE my Australian Labradoodles F1 or F1'bs?

NO when Australian Labradoodles were being imported into the US we purchased "A" generations 

English Manor's very First Australian was DIVA's Desiree She was an A2 and we have only ever bred Forward with current generations now being A 5 - A6"s   

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