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Trained Labradoodles 
$4700 PLUS

How We Do Things

Retained And Trained

We retain puppies to train.  With a growing demand for Young Adults past the puppy stage we usually have at least two in training.  Our Breeding dogs are also evaluated at around a year and decided upon in the event we decide to not use them as a breeding dog they become available as trained.


With Select and train you would select the puppy of your choice from one of our litters and your puppy will remain with us until it's training is done. 


Trained: Adoption

Available Trained

Trained Labradoodle


Rex is a 1and 1/2 year old RED Male originally retained for our breeding program. He is Stunningly beautiful and is everything we were looking for but Rex grew too Tall. He is crate trained and has softly started house training. He is extremely affection, and a very Submissive Gentle giant. He gets along with other dogs loves to get out and stretch his long legs and play. I would prefer him go to a home with a fairly nice sized fenced in back yard. He does run about and takes big leaps in the morning to get his Zummies out so if your yard is really small he would be limited and I don't feel that would be fair to him.  This is a phenomenal dog and he deserves the best. Kills us to have to let him go. Rex Is Potty crate trained and has done well in house we are selling him as a Potty Crate trained,  He is offered at $5,000 

Trained Labradoodle


Jackie is a full Silk Fleece also retained in our breeding program. Her super Jolly Happy Clownish ways is the Staple of our program, and her Mother Lacey produces us the full Shiny Soft Silk Fleece so we were excited to a get a chocolate full silk. 

Jackie is the opposite of REX and stayed too small for us to cross her onto the line we would have to cross her into so for this reason Jackie is available. She LOVES playing with other dogs and romping about in the back yard. Small but with a big personality! She's little miss Happy forward Confident girl. Spunky and fun. She would do great with kids a lively family or as a companion to another depressed lonely dog. She will light up a room. Enjoys new adventures. She is around 25 lbs 

Trained: Available Pets
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