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EM ROCK HUDSON ( Deceased)

EM Rock Hudson 
Registered ALAA
OFA: Hips Excellent
OFA: Elbows Normal
PRCA: Clear

Rock Hudson boasts some of the best blood within the Authentic Australian Labradoodle Community, His pedigree Is full on both sides of what is now known as the Legends within our Breed, Rutlands Desiree, Rutlands Baby Joey to Tegan Parks Kool DUDE , Tegan Parks Macho Man, and Im A Collectors Item if you don't know these names and your an Australian Labradoodle breeder Its a sad day.  These lines made the bred what it is today. Their Temperaments nothing short of Amazing they were bred to serve and many of them did as certified Therapy dogs But many needed to remain as breeding stock to perpetuate this bloodline. Rocky was by our Foundation Bitch Desiree's Diva She was our very first Australian Labradoodle. Your Foundation Dam is the cornerstone of your entire breeding program it's built all upon her. We searched high and low for the best this bred had to offer  Diva was sired by the import Tegan Parks Mucho Man and the  Dam import Rutlands Desiree this was the Creme Brulee' we had been searching for. Rock Hudson was from Diva's very first litter we had and he had all the components we were looking for in a Stud.. Rock Hudson was sired by Rutlands Baby Joey who was a CRUCIAL import into America he was sired by KOOL Dude you can read the Kool Dude story at   Many of our breeding females we now have are Great Granddaughters of our ROCK HUDSON and they blended beautifully with our Rosewood Bradley.  Tho Rocky and his mom Diva have crossed the rainbow bridge they taught us exactly what we would continue to preserve within the Wonderful world Australian Labradoodles!  IT's IN THE BLOOD.

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